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This is my first ever blog post, someday I will likely look back at this and cringe (probably tomorrow).

To introduce myself I am an avid reader and have been since the days when I used to sneak another book inside the book we were reading in primary school, nowadays it’s a kindle in my handbag and an ever higher growing tower of books by my bed!

I am  regularly asked by friends for book recommendations, a few which have been well received, because of this I have started a small book club and I like to think I have inspired a few others to read a little bit more.

I love checking out other people’s blogs and Instagram for my next book title and thought maybe it was something I could do. I read anything and everything ranging from biographies and science to romance and sci-fi.  I love nothing more than discussing something I’ve read and am all fired up about with other people who feel the same.

So here it goes I’d like to use this little blog space to keep a record of everything I’ve read, to link in with other readers/fellow book nerds for their recommendations which may be outside of what I normally read and maybe inspire a few more people to pick up a book in the world of Netflix !


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